Guest Assistance

Safety Measures - Guest Assistance 


As a condition of the government/industry guidelines, we need the help of our guests, especially on arrival and departure:-

  • Changes to arrival/departure times. We understand this may be inconvenient, but we require this extra time to ensure your safety.  Please help us by observing these times. The arrival time will be 4pm rather than 3pm. Sorry, no early arrivals. Departure time will remain at the current 10 am, but no later e.g. 10.15/10.30am. 
  • Cleaning/Sanitising products. Please do not bring or use bleach or anti-bacterial products in any of the sinks, otherwise, they may upset the balance of the septic tank.  
  • Reading Material. If you use any of the reading material available i.e. books, leaflets, etc, please put them in the recycling or on the kitchen table and we will remove them at the end of your stay. 
  • Visitors are not permitted on-site without the prior permission of the owners (to minimise the risk of infection).
  • Departure day - Strip the Beds. We are sorry to have to ask you to strip your beds before leaving. Please place everything in the bin liners provided & tie a knot in the top of the bag. As 7/10 people who have had the antibody test did not have any symptoms, the Government is advising we have to assume that someone in your party COULD be carrying the virus.  The main route for contracting the virus is airborne, and it is considered that removing bedding could make the virus airborne, which is why we have to ask guests to strip the beds themselves & place the items in the bags - even the duvets and pillows. These bags will then be stored for 72 hours and then items washed in preparation for a future changeover.
  • Departure day - Empty all Bins. Similarly, please empty ALL bins into the relevant bin liners, tie the tops and put the bin liners into the rubbish/recycling bins in the back garden bin outside.
  • Departure day - Dishwasher. Please put all breakfast things in the dishwasher along with all cutlery/utensils from the drawers & as many pans as possible. Then switch the dishwasher on to a high-temperature setting, not just a ‘quick wash’. But do not empty the dishwasher.
  • Ill before arrival/after departure. If you are ill in the 2-3 weeks before arrival or after your departure, please have a COVID-19 test and let us know as it has implications on our business, our other guests, our housekeeper and us. Should a member of your party develop symptoms, the Government advice is to return to your primary residence, and self-isolate there for a period of 7 days (14 days for the other group members). 
  • Ill / Emergency / Medical Help during your stay. Emergency information is provided if you have any medical requirements. Please do let us know if you have any special medical information we need to be aware of in case of an emergency.   


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